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2 comments | Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ok. This is probably the most interesting and exciting part for most of you.

You might be:
- Just an ordinary blogger, and you would be happy if more people visit your blog.
- Just an ordinary blogger, but you would be happy to make some money out of your blog.
- A little more than an ordinary blogger. You write well, and think you deserve a large amount of cash for you blog.
- An exclusive writer, who thinks he can make tons of $ from his blog.

If you can fit yourself in one of the description above, follow these steps.

First step- Look and Feel.

If you enter a blog, and the writing in poor, the outlet is messy, the colors are disgusting and the topic is boring, wouldn't you just leave?
One of the most important things about a successful blog, is first of all the way it looks. When you start your blog, or have already started one and want to improve it, you should first of all think about the person visiting your blog. Ask yourself 'would I like to visit this blog?'
Important rules you should keep:
- Write about interesting stuff.
- Make sure you keep your Blog updated.
- Keep the blog organized:
Make sure your outlet- backgrounds, pictures, text color, text size, all look nice and clean.
- Make sure, or try your best, your punctuation is correct. Look for your spelling mistakes, if you find one- correct it.

If you make sure you keep the rules above, I assure you your Blog will be a great one to visit and read. People will start talking about it, and it will start spreading as fast as the wind. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

Next- Make Sure your Blog is easy to Search for.

Their are plenty of different search engines. The main one are Google, Yahoo, Msn and so on. Make sure you let them know about your Blog!
How? For example, log onto google.com, and search for submit site. The site you will find will be the following-
Start there, and follow the same process for any search engine you find.

Make sure you don't miss special Blog Searchers! For example- http://blogsearch.google.com/ or
http://www.blogsearchengine.com/ or
And their are plenty more. Just search for 'Blog Search' and submit your site to them.

Check out sites that incourage people to visit your blog. Sites like- http://www.blogmad.net

Next Step- Google Adsense. (coming soon, really soon.)


2 comments | Friday, September 22, 2006


long time no see!

Sorry about that.

I was working on a new project. One that will help each and every one of you to generate traffic to your site!

Here is the link:
Links Dump!

Go post your site quickly, and start the Traffic Boost!
(Its Free!)


1 comments | Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hey every one. Its great to see you back with me.

As a continuation of the articles:
- How To Profit From Google Referrals!
- How To Boost Your Referral Success!

I have created a new tutorial.
Its really basic, and explains how to easily setup your AdSense Referrals.

For the tutorial, Go Here.


1 comments | Saturday, September 16, 2006

A lot of Google AdSense publishers are banned from the Google AdSense program for invalid clicks. Some of these Google AdSense publishers manage to get their AdSense account reinstated. However, majority of them failed to do so. As a result, they are banned from the Google AdSense program.

Google does not reveal any specific details about invalid clicks in order to protect their proprietary clicks fraud detection technology. Hence, you would not know who is generating these clicks on your site or where these clicks come from.

If you are not getting any details of the invalid clicks from the termination letter, it may be a good idea to learn how Google defines these clicks and ways to detect them.

Google defines invalid clicks as:

* Manual clicks intended to increase publisher's advertising
* Clicks by automated tools, robots, or other deceptive software.

-So how does Google detect these clicks and how would they know which clicks are invalid?

Google AdSense team uses three powerful tools to detect invalid clicks:

* Detection and Filtering Tool: Each click on an AdSense ad is monitored by Google system. Google will record the IP of each click, the time of the click, duplicate clicks and various click patterns. Google will use these factors and filter out potential invalid clicks.

* Advanced Monitoring Tool: Google uses its proprietary software to monitor clicks fraud activity. They are constantly working to improve their technology.

* The Google Team: In addition, Google has a team that uses specialized tools and techniques to examine individual case of clicks fraud. When Google system detects potentially invalid clicks, a member of this team will examines the affected account.

Despite the effort that Google put in to improve their clicks fraud detection technology, there are few innocent publishers whose AdSense account has been suspended or banned temporarily for different reasons. For example, a sudden spike in your AdSense earnings would probably raise the red flag in their system and cause your AdSense account to be suspended. If your AdSense account is suspended for invalid clicks which you did not commit, Google provides you a way to make your appeal:


A Piece of Advice

When you are making your appeal via email, you should stay calm and plan the right strategy. You should be patient when dealing with Google and most importantly you should be polite when communicating with them. You may take initiative to provide them with all the documents they need.

The author of this article is Casey Yew, Thanks!


0 comments | Friday, September 15, 2006

As a poker affiliate, you should always be on the lookout for ways to generate more player sign ups. PPC advertising is one such technique that can deliver in this area. Here is a quick rundown of exactly what PPC advertising is and how it can benefit your poker affiliate marketing business.

Pay per click advertising is a search engine marketing technique that involves bidding on keyword phrases and paying a fee when visitors click on the ads. Here are some of the benefits that PPC advertising can provide for your business:

1. You don't need to be a computer genius or SEO guru to run a highly profitable PPC ad campaign.

2. PPC advertising gives you the ability to test ideas and see results immediately.

3. No need to worry about tedious search engine optimization.

4. You can instantly target any keyword phrase that you choose.

PPC advertising is not without negatives however. Here are the downsides to using PPC advertising:

1. Monthly advertising bills to pay.

2. PPC ads are at risk for fraudulant clicks.

3. Pay-per-click pricing can become very expensive over time.

PPC advertising gives advertisers complete control over their ad campaigns. Advertisers can effectively target their audience and determine how much each visitor is worth to them. Pay per click ad networks provide an excellent platform for identifying a desired target audience by geographic setting and subject.

Advertisers have access to various tools provided by PPC ad networks to monitor the effectiveness of their advertising. It is easy to use these powerful tools to track campaigns and tweak them for optimal profitability.

When you begin using PPC advertising to promote your websites, your keyword phrases are extremely important. Choose as many specific keyword phrases as you can and then write an attention grabbing advertisement that uses as many of those keywords as possible.

Also, it is important to remember to stick to your advertising budget. Start slowly and work on improving the effectiveness of your advertisements, avoid placing high bids right out of the gate.

PPC advertising has really caught on in popularity and should continue to grow. It is a relatively new form of online advertising and in my opinion, hasn't yet reached it's full potential. Try using PPC advertising to promote your poker websites today!

The new theme.. Article from: ArticleStreet.com


2 comments | Wednesday, September 13, 2006

You may find many Adsense Gurus on the net, offering you thousand ways to improve your Google adsense earnings! Mind you guys, just buying some genius adsense template and expect it to produce thousand dollars a day is a sure impossibility!

I am telling you with my practical experience that nothing would work unless you are prepared to go that extra mile. You should get hold of the adsense secrets that are unique to your site. You must be prepared to make continuous changes and measure effectiveness on a continuous basis.

Following are simple but effective steps successfully followed by the author, which may help you to improve your adsense earnings by five folds or even more! However, keep in mind that nothing would work unless you customize these options to suit your requirements.

The Best Position - This is always the demarcation point which decides you should be earning in hundreds or thousands! You must identify the most likely position where the reader would be most tempted to click. At first you might have to follow what Adsense Gurus have suggested. However, you must keep in mind that what they have said is not unique to your site.

You should be bold enough to do your own research and identify the best positions unique to your site, 'cos there could be exceptions to what Adsense Experts have proposed. Best example I can quote is 'Plentyoffish.com' a dating site which earns half a million Dollars a month just by displaying a single Google ad in each page with completely different link color format than the rest of the site using!

White Is In Demand - Having more white space around the article and the Ad will definitely increase your click through rate. In my case, this is one of the real secrets behind the high click through rate in my Adsense ads. Your objective should be to get the reader's attention to the Adsense ad and the article. Therefore, it is important to have other areas blank as much as possible to centre reader's attention to the Ad and the article. Remove all unnecessary items which are cluttered around the article and the Ad and have more white space on either side of the page.

What is Your Ad Size? - Highly effective Ad formats are 336x250 and 768x120. However, it is up to you to find out the best size for your site. These are the widely tested and accepted sizes. Tyr them out and see the outcome.

Be Discreet - I personally don't prefer to server image ads in my Adsense campaigns because they dilute the effectiveness of the Ads. It is starkly obvious to the reader that they are clicking on Ads and the sole purpose of putting them is to make money! Just don't make it so obvious! Instead, include text ads which are relevant to the theme. Place the ads where the reader is likely to seek a break while reading the article or your copy.

Artistic Way To Be Discreet - The font, color and texture should match with the rest of the page. This will make the ad looks like part of the article. You have the options to use either an ideally matching color or a contrasting color. Either way is effective.

Use The Maximum but Have a Balance - Always try to use maximum number of adsense ads in each page. Don't lose balance however! Ads should not dominate the page.

Measure the effectiveness of Ad units - Always make use of Google Adsense channels to identify which position or format has produced high click through rates. Be prepared to change the Ad format, color and position according to your findings. These simple but effective methods surely drive you more income you never ever expect if you are prepared to follow those in your own way. Find out your way out today.

2 comments | Friday, September 01, 2006

I live near Tel Aviv, and during Nasiz speaches, when he threatens to destroy Israel and so on, people here sit down and laugh.

I'm not saying we don't think he has the capability of shooting long range missiles to Tel Aviv, what I am saying is that we know that if he does shoot those missiles, there will be nothing left of:
1. Lebanon (which is a shame)
2. Syria (which is fine)
3. Iran (which is what every one want)

So Nasi.. Before you talk, think. And after you think- Shut up.

Why you ask?
Figure it out yourself.


This was an off topic post obviously. Just wanted to share my opinion about our last war.
Comments are appreciated.