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66 comments | Monday, December 30, 2013

UPDATED 20/03/13

Ok Folks, a totally new subject. High Paying Ads.

One of the most obvious things about different ads is- they are different. (Well Daaa..)

Well yes, maybe it's really obvious, but there are still things you need to know:

Lets imagine together, that a new Hi-Tech company wants to sell a new product they invented. Lets call that company "Techy".

Now, Techy wants to let every one know about their new product, so they produce nice commercials, and they place huge posters on the streets.

Oh! What a coincidence! They also use Google Adwords!

Ok.. How exactly is this stupid 'Techy' company story relevant to me? I just want to make some money from my site! (or Blog..)

Well if you want to make money through your Google adsense ads, you better listen hard. (Really hard.)

This Techy company, makes Millions of dollars every month. (Because their product is really good..). Now, you remember that Techy is advertising their product through Google Adwords right? Good.

Lets continue imagining.
Your Blog/Site, reviews "New High-Tech Products", and you also have Google Ads.

If you haven't noticed yet- Google is very very smart, and their technology is amazing. Google knows  how to put the exact suitable content in your site's ads. That's how and why their adsense program is so successful.

And back to our story..
As we both now know, your site reviews High-Tech products, and "Techy" is a High-Tech company, who wants to let the whole world know about their new amazing product.

Since Techy company has Millions of dollars, they wouldn't mind spending a few bucks for Google to advertise their product. Actually, because "Techy" is so rich, they are willing to pay Google lots of money for each click or impression, of their product.

This is where you and your site come in-
Google will place "Techy's" ads on your site, and you will earn huge sums of money for each click, or site impression which shows the "Techy" ad.

You can earn up to 54$, or more, for each click! Look at this short list, of what different company's are paying Google-
$54.33 mesothelioma lawyers
$47.79 what is mesothelioma
$47.72 peritoneal mesothelioma

$47.25 consolidate loans
$35.67 car accident lawyer
$21.12 plastic surgeryt
$14.41 online gambling
$12.00 macintosh laptop

For more KeyWords, just search Google for 'Adsense KeyWords'. You are welcome to use the search box on this Blog.

By now, you must be falling a sleep on your computer screen. So wait, just one more second.

If you really want to make money through your Google ads, make sure you do not attract 'New Tooth Brush' or 'Check out this NEW Toilet Seat' ads.. I doubt they pay much..

Have a nice day, and make sure you have the right KeyWords.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous mark said...

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Blogger Trinity said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger amigo said...

Thanks a lot..

I go the script from google.. nothing special about it.. sorry..

5:50 PM

Anonymous narendra said...

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6:47 AM

Blogger TerryG said...

I am not so sure about the click returns posted here. There has not been that much money around from adsense for quite some time now.
Thanks I still found it very informative as I did with your whole blog.

6:01 AM

Blogger Cito said...

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Blogger TerryG said...

Well yes and no. I have a site based on debt management strategies. It is supposed to be a high paying keyword. It has been my experience that I have only received a buck and a half max for a click on my site. I think the adsense genii is out of the bottle and advertiser rates have dropped dramatically, hence the low cpc.
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Anonymous Satish S said...

Excellent stuff!!
You have a subtle way of getting your message across!!


4:25 AM

Blogger amigo said...

Hello everyone,
Thank you very much for you good words!

It's makes me happy to know I'm helping and motivates me to continue writing!

So again,

9:42 PM

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Blogger mangmoa said...

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Blogger webmaster said...

Good post but you didn't explain how to change keywords. You said that Google is smart and put relevant ads on your site, so if your site is about Dolls, you will not get this high-tech Techi company thus will not make $50 per click or so.... But even if your site is about high-tech products, you will get hundreds of ads, so you have to go thru all of them on your site and eliminate the ones that don't pay a lot per click. But how would you know which ones?

8:11 AM

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