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18 comments | Tuesday, June 02, 2009

One of the best tricks to improve your CTR (click threw rate), is to constantly make changes to your ads.

I don't know how many of you even know about the option you have in your Adsense account, to select multiple color palettes, for 1 Adsense ad.

What does this option do, how does it work, and why should I use it?

It's very simple. Instead of you manually changing the way your ad looks every now and then, you can set it to be automatic, so it changes constantly with out you needing to do a thing.

You'll have to ask Google exactly how it works.. But what I know is that it simply modifies the code which is generated, to have the option of changing the color palette.

Why should you use it?! That's a good one..
Ok Ok.. I'll explain..

Assuming your site has visitors who come back to your site, or even if you don't, and most of your visitors are first timers and will never come back again, it is good to have a variety of ads.
Different ad colors attract different people, and it is good to mix and change constantly.
People who come back to a site they have visited before, will suddenly notice a slight change in your site, and then they will look for the change, and see the different ad. Which means they got attracted to the ad (which is good).

Now, since I know you'd love to have a screen shot tutorial of this terribly complicated process, I have created one.. I made it extremely easy to follow so you'll all be happy.

You can find it right Here.

That's the end of this tip/trick..
I know you liked it, but I still like to hear comments..!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like a useful trick. I'll use it thanks.

9:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have some great tips on Adsense but there is a huge problem from peoples adsense account being terminated without notice.

The reason is "cick-fraud". All I can say is that, if you're into Adsense and your earnings look pretty good then you should protect it now.

I found a place that can help with this major problem.

Go to www.adsenseclickfraudlock.com before it's too late.

One of my buddy's account was climbing up in earnings for the first time. When it reached around 96.00 Google sent him an email saying that his account was closed due to click frauds and you know what? it wasn't his fault but he still got the axe. That sucks big time. So what I'm saying is that get protect now!


6:46 AM

Blogger Ale said...

Hey amigo!
I'd suggest getting rid of the big referal you got on the right of this site...Chances that someone will sign through there, and earn the amount needed in the time specified, so you get any money, are REALLY low, and I've never heard of anyone actually recieving it...it's really hard.

Keep it up!

5:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for making this secret not so secret!

5:00 PM

Anonymous Adsense Truth's said...

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1:51 AM

Blogger Sylvia said...

Thanks for the very useful tips, I am somewhat concerned about what the previous poster said about click fraud, I'm sure if you follow the rules and you are smart about where you link your too, you should be safe from being banned from the adsense program.

[Credit Card Debt?]

2:41 AM

Anonymous erwin said...

Thanks for your secret.
I Found your blog from google community forum
I'll try to use it in my site.

8:51 AM

Blogger Hema said...

Hey nice blog,

Thanks for the tips..

I am not able to make much from my adsense.

Pleasee review my blog .

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12:07 PM

Blogger terratite said...

A very nice post. The information here comes in handy for us budding adsensers. I have been using adsense for the past six months now and after promoting it everywhere I can I am starting to see a return. The thing that amazes me is the difference in clicks each day. Some might be a few cents one day and the next a few bucks. There really is no consistency.

6:41 AM

Blogger tban said...

Nice trick.. looks useful. I just started a site which is suppposed to be on a high paying topic but unfortunately I dont have the visitors!!!

6:49 AM

Blogger Sam said...

i want to know how you put your adsense ads inside your post, that is withing the post and not between the post. I am having trouble placing it withing my post. Help me. Please email me at shamakapasi@gmail.com

11:53 AM

Blogger Sam said...

How can i use adsense within my post like you have done on your blog? Please help!

11:56 AM

Blogger sristys said...

Hi that was some useful material i liked it and have implemented them at http://www.sristysaviation.com

1:53 PM

Blogger RewriteCond said...

Hmm, their is a nice tutorial about using php on wordpress to rotate the color palettes and position..

Is there any info about google providing something like this?

6:55 PM

Anonymous Jey said...

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7:54 AM

Anonymous Jey said...

Thankyou for posted this.
im new in adsense
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7:58 AM

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Anonymous ananthan said...

really informative

6:58 PM


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