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5 comments | Wednesday, August 08, 2007

PhotoShop Tutorial!

The tutorial explains in a few simple steps how to tweak any Adsense Background color, so it fits any part of your site!

The Tutorials is right Here.

Have fun tweaking!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

gonna pass this onto a freind who plays with photosop a lot...again another brilliant post amigo KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MATEY

11:24 AM

Blogger amigo said...

danr6 Thanks so much for your kind words!

Another tutorial coming up soon!! =)


1:39 PM

Anonymous 7dollarsmagic.com said...

Why not use a browser based color picker?

2:18 AM

Blogger amigo said...

It doesn't give you the same results.

1:56 PM

Anonymous http://alumnosriberadeltajo.blogspot.com/ said...

love your blog! check mine!

2:02 PM


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