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2 comments | Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hey guys.

"A few years ago, I was living like a normal man,
with normal things, who works to earn money.
Today, I don't work anymore.
why? Google Adsense."

- I wish.

Google Adsense is a great way to earn money.
But if you really want to make money, and lots of it- you have to work hard.
And then, after you finish working hard, you can relax, and enjoy watching your money tree grow.

In this blog you will learn about:
- The way Google adsense works.
- The reason Google adsense makes sense to Google.
- Fantastic Tricks and Tips to boost your earnings.
- Easy and helpful guides and Tutorials.
- And that's only the beginning.

Keep Reading.

4 comments | Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ok, if you are reading this post right now, I have to assume you've read the previous post. If not, please do so. It's crucial for the understanding of this post.

Ok, now were good to go!

As you have learned in the previous post, the referral buttons are a good way to add money to your site's income. Now we're going to learn how we can make the most out of the buttons, and Boost our referral's success.

First of all, and most important- Choose the referral button, that suits your site the best.

For example if you're sites outlet and backgrounds are all pink, do not use an orange referral button. Now you must be thinking- 'Well, that's obvious!'. My answer to you is- 'Yes it is'.
But still, you find many web sites and blogs, which make this newbie mistake. And they do it because they think that if the button is BIG & COLORFUL, every one will want to click it. And as you probably know- That's not the case.

Another thing is making sure the size is right. As I mentioned above, do not always go for the biggest button. Sometimes choosing a nice elegant button, which sits nicely in your site, is better than a huge ugly button.

Secondly- Choose the most attractive content for your referral buttons.

Google offers us plenty of different contents for the buttons. I personally think that the most attractive content for the Google adsense program is, "Generate revenue from your website". It's simple, and most important- it tells you exactly why you should be interested in it.
For the FireFox referral button, I think the most attractive content is, "Browse the web faster. Get FireFox with Google toolbar". And yet again- it's simple and informative.

And last but not least- Make sure you know what you're doing.

Do not put referral buttons in the middle of the text. It doesn't look good. It looks as if you are intentionally trying to make the reader click on the button. You need to let people make their own decision, you cant just stick it their and expect people to click it. If someone really wants to download FireFox because he believes Google's browser provides faster browsing and better features, he will click on the referral button. You can mention somewhere on your site that if someone is interested in the software, he is welcome to download it easily threw the referral button on your site.

But make sure you never encourage someone to click on a button. It is against Google's policy, and it can get you're account banned. Never say something like- 'Click this Button!! If you click it you will have a happy marriage!" (I hope you get the idea..)

That's it for now. Next update soon, make sure you come back.

1 comments | Friday, August 04, 2006

Ok so what do I mean by "something else"?

I mean I'm going to let your mind relax for a while.

Why & How?

Some times, concentrating on the same thing (in our case AdSense and websites) for a long time, is not that good. You need to let your mind relax, think about and see other things.

How- Ever hear about PhotoBlogs?
I personally find looking at pictures very relaxing.
This PhotoBlog I'm going to show you, has plenty of beautiful pictures from all around the world.
Take a look, maybe choose one for your Desktop's background, relax, enjoy, and then, go back to work.

Picsee, Simply Beautiful.

This is actually something I do quite often.
I work hard, then post a few more tips and tricks, and after all of that I'm kind of tired and out of idea's.

So what I do is look at different PhotoBlogs to relax and think.
And then when I go back to work, I'm refreshed and ready to keep going.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and videos =)

0 comments | Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What I'm saying is extremely simple:

Traffic generates clicks, which generates money, which is what we all (or most of us) call success.

And like in most things in this world, the first step is always the hardest one;

The first job interview, the first time we ride a bike, the first time mankind reached the moon.. And believe me I can keep on going for a very long time.

Ok, got that.. The first step is always the hardest step.. understood.. got ya.. it's ok.. move on.. YOU CAN CONTINUE TALKING..!

Good then I will.

Our main goal, as publishers, is to reach the max amount of visitor. Why? Well for some of us it means more clicks = more money, for others it just means more readers (which is fine).

One of the main ways to increase traffic to your site, is to publish your site in as many places as possible. If it means sending email's to your friends and asking them forward it to their friends, or if it's joining different forum's and adding a link to your signature, or Adding your site to different directories.. There are a number of different ways as you can see.

But, one of the best ways, is adding your site to sites that their main purpose is to help you generate more traffic to your own site.

Wait a sec.. What you're saying is that the best traffic generating technique is posting your website on a site that it's only purpose is to generate traffic for other sites right?
Then what I don't understand is how exactly that site benefits? What does it get out of this?!


And I'm now going to link you to a site just like the one I described. It's simple, elegant, and most important- it works.


Now you're probably saying- oh.. That site is also his.. and he wants it get more traffic.

Now it's my turn to say- You're right, but why does it matter if it'll help you out?

That's it for now,

I really hope you all enjoyed reading this one,